Unique Asheara’s Khanjar

1H Dagger Rogue

Asheara’s Khanjar is a powerful 1H Dagger that is tailor-made for the swift and deadly playstyle of the Rogue class. This weapon’s unique affix increases the wielder’s Attack Speed for a brief period of time after each hit, allowing them to rapidly strike their enemies with swift and deadly precision. The duration of this effect increases with each hit, up to a maximum limit determined by the weapon’s affix values. With the Asheara’s Khanjar in hand, a skilled Rogue can become a whirlwind of death, cutting down their foes with a flurry of lightning-fast strikes. This weapon is an ideal choice for any Rogue who seeks to dominate their opponents through speed and agility, making it a must-have for any adventurer looking to take on the deadliest foes.unique ashearas khanjar

Type: 1H Dagger
Class: Rogue
Hits with this weapon increase your Attack Speed by [random Affix_Value_1 * 100|1%+|] for [Affix.”Static Value 0″] seconds, up to [Affix_Value_1 * Affix.”Static Value 1″ * 100|1%+|].

Dropped by / Can be found:
At the moment, the information regarding the drop location or acquisition method of this item is unavailable. If you happen to have any relevant information, kindly share it in the comment section below. Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Unique Asheara’s Khanjar

  1. Great post! Asheara’s Khanjar sounds like an amazing weapon for any Rogue looking to deal swift and deadly strikes in combat.

  2. Asheara’s Khanjar sounds like an absolute game-changer for any Rogue player! The ability to increase attack speed with each hit is just incredible, and the thought of being able to become a whirlwind of death on the battlefield is truly exhilarating. I can’t wait to get my hands on this weapon and experience the thrill of slicing through enemies with lightning-fast strikes. Asheara’s Khanjar is definitely a must-have for any Rogue looking to take their combat skills to the next level!

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