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The Cowl of the Nameless is a helm designed for rogues who specialize in taking advantage of enemies who are »

Eyes in the Dark is a pair of pants designed for the Rogue class in the game. These pants feature »

The Word of Hakan is a powerful amulet for Rogues that enhances their Rain of Arrows ability. With this amulet »

Gloves of the Illuminator is a unique glove piece that is designed specifically for the Rogue class. When equipped, this »

The Condemnation is a deadly 1H Dagger that is designed to amplify the power of a Rogue’s attacks. This weapon’s »

Asheara’s Khanjar is a powerful 1H Dagger that is tailor-made for the swift and deadly playstyle of the Rogue class. »

Skyhunter is a 2H Bow that is ideal for Rogue characters. Its unique Affix makes the first direct damage dealt »

Windforce is a powerful 2H Bow that provides a high chance to deliver critical hits to enemies. With its unique »