Ravendawn Free 3-Day Patron


Are you ready to step into a fantastical realm filled with deep character customization, a fully player-driven economy, and open-world land ownership? Look no further than Ravendawn, the eagerly awaited Free-to-Play top-down MMORPG set to release on January 16th! Join us on this exhilarating journey and take advantage of the exclusive 3 Days Free Patron offer for new players!

ravendawn 3 days of free patron

Dive into Ravendawn:
Ravendawn is not just another MMORPG; it’s a captivating world where your choices matter. The game revolves around deep character customization, allowing you to create a unique avatar that reflects your individual style. With a fully player-driven economy, every decision you make influences the in-game market, making your impact on the world of Ravendawn truly significant.

Open World Land Ownership:
One of the standout features of Ravendawn is the concept of open-world land ownership. As a player, you have the opportunity to claim and own land, shaping the landscape and contributing to the dynamic environment. This feature adds a layer of strategy and community collaboration, making each player an integral part of the game’s evolution.

Unlock the Power of Patron: To make your Ravendawn journey even more extraordinary, seize the opportunity to become a Patron. By using our referral link here, you can enjoy 3 Days of Free Patron at the game’s launch, unlocking a plethora of exclusive benefits. ( See site for details of this offer. )

Patron Benefits:
As a Patron, you gain access to a range of perks that will elevate your gaming experience:

  1. T3+ Cosmetics: Showcase your unique style with exclusive Tier 3 and above cosmetics.
  2. 3x Faster Regen for Land: Accelerate land regeneration for quicker recovery and increased efficiency.
  3. Free Waypoints: Traverse the vast world of Ravendawn using Waypoints without spending Silver.
  4. 50% Less Marketplace Tax & Longer Listing Duration: Optimize your marketplace activities with reduced tax and extended listing durations.
  5. Premium Chat Icon/Color: Stand out in the chat with a distinctive Premium icon and color.
  6. Rested Exp: Maximize character progression by earning additional experience points during rest periods.
  7. Priority Login Queue: Enjoy priority access to the game with a dedicated login queue for Premium members.
  8. Reduced Rangers Company Cooldown: Access the resources of the Rangers Company more frequently with reduced cooldowns.
  9. Rapid Gathering (Except for fishing): Gather resources swiftly with accelerated gathering times.

Conclusion: Don’t miss the chance to embark on a remarkable journey in Ravendawn. With its unique features, player-driven economy, and the exclusive 3 Days Free Patron offer, this MMORPG promises an unparalleled gaming experience. Join the community and shape the destiny of Ravendawn as you explore its vast landscapes, engage in epic battles, and leave your mark on this extraordinary virtual world.

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