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Guide on how to fish in Wild Terra 2 by DaOpa covering all the basics. Fishing in any game is a relaxing activity and in Wild Terra 2 its a interesting mini game of choices. Depending on what text shows on screen during a fishing cast will result in what type of fish you have a chance to catch. The fish is used mainly for cooking and some oils for lampposts.

Fishing Wild Terra 2
Fishing in Wild Terra 2

In order to get started in fishing, you first need to have a fishing pole and bait. Currently the game has only 2 different types of fishing poles which are a crude fishing pole and wooden fishing pole.

To make a crude fishing pole is pretty easy for any new player. Get started by using a hatchet on a tree to get poles. Then open up the craft menu and search for crude fishing pole under survival or via the search box. You should already have a knife at this point in time but in case you don’t you will have to create one in order to make the fishing pole.

For a wooden fishing pole you will need five staves and four leather strips. You can get staves by converting poles which come from trees. Leather strips are made from leather which can be obtained via a tanning vat of solutions and raw medium hide.

Craft the pole and then click equip to move it onto your characters hand. Then you will need to also equip worms or fish on the other hand as bait. You can get worms by using a shovel on clay deposit or from loot via skeletons or by skinning some plague animals.

Once you have a fishing pole and bait you then have to go near a river or ocean area. Press the fishing action button which you can find in the action menu system by pressing N and finding the fishing icon. You can also drag the icon to your action bar and then use that key to start the casting into the water.

Make sure to hear a PLUCK noise when you first cast in the line in order to know that the area you are fishing in has fish to catch.

Key commands during fishing are E for Drag out, R for Pull and T for Yank.

Please pay attention to the text notifications, and use the right key commands in order to catch the fish. If you still fail to catch the fish using the listings below, then you have to level up your fishing skill and get a higher quality fishing pole.

Worm bait will get you the following type of fish based on text notifications and key commands:

crucian icon Crucian – Bite! > Bite! > Bite > E

roach icon Roach – Bite! > Bite! > Tension Loosens > Bite > E

carp icon Carp – Bite! > Bite! > Led to the Side! > T > Tension Increases > E

trout icon Trout – Bite! > Tension Increases > Led to the Side! > T > Tension Loosens > R > Drags > E

Fish bait will get you the following type of fish based on text notifications and key commands:

pike icon Pike – Led to the Side > Tension Loosens > T > Drags > R > Drags > E

Catfish icon Catfish – Led to the Side > Tension Increases > R > Drags > R > Drags > Tension Loosen > R

Events that can happen with either type of bait which yields random loot:

Tension Increases > Tension Increases > E

Details on what fish are used for in Wild Terra 2.

Fish Oils needs
Crucian x1
Roach x1

Raw fish fillet needs
Carp x1

Raw trout for baking needs
Trout x1

Raw pike fish soup needs
Pike x1

Raw catfish shurpa needs
Catfish x1

When taming bears, you need to feed them with trout.

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