Blacksmithing Guide


How to become a blacksmith on Wild Terra 2 by DaOpa. In this guide we will cover all the basic and advantage topics related to blacksmithing. Blacksmithing is a very important profession which allows you to make tools, armors and weapons.

Get started in blacksmithing, here are the first basic steps:
You will need to first make a stone hammer tool, which is basically 5 stones and 4 sticks which is very easy to gather.

crafting stone hammer

And you will need to have built a stone anvil on your claim. To make a stone anvil you need one hewn boulder and four staves.

stone anvil

After having done both steps above you will have to gather copper from the copper deposits and use the anvil to convert the copper ore to copper ingots.

copper ingot crafting

To gather copper from the boulders you will have to have a pickaxe equipped. You can start by making a stone pickaxe which is ten stone pieces and 5 sticks to craft.  After you craft the pickaxe, equip it and then start to search for copper deposits.

copper deposit

After gathering at least 6 pieces of copper ore, you can then go back to your claim to craft your first copper ingot. To do that you will need to equip the stone hammer and be next to your anvil with the copper ore in your inventory. This is the first step to gaining blacksmith exp which will increase your blacksmithing levels.

The higher your blacksmith levels are the more tools, weapons and armor recipes will become available to craft successfully.

Blacksmith Bonuses:

Crafter stamina economy (0.5 % per level)
Blacksmithing max quality (0.2 % per level)

Blacksmith Passive Abilities:

At level 5 gain which grants 50% exp when you fail at crafting a recipe.
At level 10 gain which raises minimum quality by 10%.
At level 20 gain 10% faster crafting speed.

How to process your ores using the bloomery.
At some point you will need to build a small bloomery in order to convert your ores and limestone.

Get started by building the bloomery, which needs 20x hewn stones, 5x rocks and 10 clay.

small bloomery
Place the bloomery on your claim, then you can put your ores and limestone into the available slots. Make sure to leave spots open for the results which will depend on what you put into the bloomery.  You will also have to supply a fuel to make use of the bloomery.  Fuel can be (5) sticks, (2) poles, staves, logs or coal.

Small Bloomery conversion list:

raw copper ore 10 raw copper ore or copper ore 5 copper Ore becomes copper ingot one copper ingot

raw tin ore 10 raw tin ore or tin ore 5 tin ore becomes tin ingot one tin ingot

limestone 3 limestone become lime one lime

At some point you will need to start creating a mixture of ingots to create more advance ingots that are for higher level recipes.  To do that you need to make a crucible furnace. This also require fuels to operate, you can use (3) poles, staves, logs or coal.

crucible furnace crafting

To build a crucible furnace you need 10 hewn rocks, 5 hewn boulders, 5 staves and 10 clay.

Crucible Furnace conversion list:

copper ore 2 copper ingots and tin ore one tin ingot become bronze ingot one bronze ingot

raw iron ore 10 raw iron ore or iron ore 5 iron ore become iron bloom one iron bloom

iron and coal mixture 3 iron and coal mixture becomes steel ingot one steel ingot

zuperit ore mixture 3 zuperit ore mixture becomes zuperit one zuperit

sangit ore mixture 3 sangit ore mixture becomes sangit one sangit

bronze ingot 2 bronze ingot, steel ingot 1 steel ingot and zuperit 1 zuperit becomes zuperium zuperium

bronze ingot 2 bronze ingot, steel ingot 1 steel ingot and sangit 1 sangit becomes sangium sangium

Blacksmithing leveling skill recommendations

If you have access to a jewelry maker, ask them to make you amethyst rings and necklaces. At 150 quality the necklace gives 9% and each of the rings gives 7.5 % which makes the total 24 double craft xp.

Level – Item to craft
0 – Copper Ingots
5 – Copper Axe, Knife
8 – Copper Saw
10 – Copper-tipped arrows
12 – Copper bucket, Bronze pickaxe
15 – Bronze hammer, Bronze round shield
17 – Bronze axe
19 – Bronze sword
20 – Bronze helmet
22 – Bronze bracers
25 – Bronze Breastplate
26 – Bronze bucket
30 – Iron ingot
32 – Iron nails
34 – Iron plates
36 – Iron hammer
40 – Iron bucket
42 – Steel axe
45 – Steel pickaxe
46 – Steel cuirass
50 – Noble sword

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