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Welcome to the interactive Soulmask map, brought to you by DaOpa! Explore the game world by clicking on markers to reveal detailed tooltips. Our map offers additional features for your convenience: at the top left corner, you’ll find a search button to easily locate specific items, places, and resources, and just below that, you can toggle to full-screen mode for a more immersive experience. The map includes a legend with various points of interest such as Ancient Pyramids, Ancient Ruins, Mysterious Ruins, Beast Lairs, Barbarian Camps, Barracks, Pits, Dungeons, and Portals. Please note that our map is a work in progress, with new areas and markers continuously being added. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to enhance and expand the map to better serve your exploration needs. Happy adventuring!

Enjoying our interactive map tool? Support our ongoing efforts by subscribing to our live stream or sending bit tips directly from the embedded player below! Your support fuels our mission to enhance and broaden our map features. Have any questions about the game or inquiries about our maps? Feel free to engage with us in the stream chat or comments section below. We deeply appreciate your involvement in our community!

20 thoughts on “Interactive Map

  1. Thank you for this! Been using bits and pieces from the internet till I found this amazing resource.

    Could you possibly add the spots where you can find those “tablets” that give you more tech points?

    1. All I wanted to see is the level range of the different areas, clicked everything off besides that and ai don’t see anything? Where should I be looking for the levels ?

  2. Just wanted to swing by and say thank you! this is awesome and the best map out there i have seen… the rest leave a lot of missing info that yours fills in.

  3. Thanks for the map, but the huge ads around it are a huge turn-off. Hopefully you can make some proper adjustments to this page before a more “clean” alternative shows up.

  4. the medium pit just south of the large waterfall with the elite dog is a copper mine now – it was tin in the demo but they changed it in EA now

  5. Keep it up man, thanks a lot! Really appreciate your hard work, especially for such a new game. My most used resource for soulmask so far.

  6. I assume it’s planned on already but adding more resources would definitely be nice like later game ones. That said, anyone know where to find coal? Lol

    1. On the interactive map, the TOP Left has a magnifying glass ICON, which lets you search for things, Put in Coal Ore and then you should see a list pop, click on one of them, goes directly to the marker on the map.

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