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Embark on a thrilling voyage through the expansive world of Skull and Bones, where the sea is your domain and ships are your weapons. In this article, we delve deep into the diverse array of ships available, each with its unique perks, roles, and infamy requirements. Whether you’re a seasoned captain or a novice setting sail for the first time, this guide will help you navigate the perilous waters and choose the vessel that suits your playstyle.

ShipPerksInfamy RequiredTypeRole
BlasterOutburst - Explosive hits have a 50% chance of triggering an explosion, which deals 1500 damage within a Blast Radius of 150m. Increases damage to structures by 40% and Explosive Damage by 15%.Buccaneer ISloopDPS
BombardierDetonate - Explosive hits have a 70% chance of triggering an explosion, which deals 1000 damage within a 125m Blast Radius. Increases damage to structures by 50% and Weapon Damage Radius by 12%.Brigand IPadewakangDPS
DhowHunter - Preserves wildlife materials from hunting.DhowDPS
FirebrandWildfire - Applying the Ablaze effect to a ship will apply the same effect to all enemies in a radius of 125m. Increases weapon damage by 20%. Burning Damage increases Ablaze charge speed by 150%.Buccaneer IBargeDPS
HullbreakerBullhorn - Increases damage from ramming by 45% and reduces duration of Torn Sails effect by 80%. Applies Flooded to an enemy ship upon ramming.Cutthroat IBrigantineDPS
PyromaniacScorched - Deals 5000 Burning Damage when you apply the Ablaze effect to an enemy ship. Ablaze will be applied to enemies in a radius of 150m. Increases damage to ships with Ablaze effect by 50%.Cutthroat ISambukDPS
RammerLancer - Increases damage from ramming by 25% and reduces slowing effect of Torn Sails by 50%. Applies Flooded to an enemy ship upon ramming.BedarDPS
DefenderIronclad - Reduces Brace Strength depletion by 20% when hit. Increases Brace Strength by 250% and Brace Strength Recovery by 25%.Rover IHulkTank
VanguardTenacity - Recovers Brace Strength by 4% per second, while bracing. Increases Brace Strength by 50% and Brace Strength Recovery by 150%.Corsair ISnowTank
SentinelUnburden - Restores Severe Damage by 0.5% and Hull Health by 0.5% per second. Restores Hull Health of all friendly ships in a 100m radius of a repaired target by 2%. Restores 60% more of Hull Health on a friendly ship while using a Repair Weapon.Rover ICutterSupport

As you embark on your Skull and Bones adventure, the choice of your ship is crucial to your success on the high seas. Each vessel offers a unique set of perks, catering to different playstyles and strategies. Keep an eye out for the upcoming detailed ship listings in the middle of this article, where you’ll find in-depth information on each ship’s perks, infamy requirements, types, and roles. Ready your crew, unfurl the sails, and set forth on an epic journey filled with plunder, battles, and glory!

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