Interactive Map by DaOpa


Welcome to our Skull and Bones interactive map, meticulously crafted by DaOpa. Explore a comprehensive display of in-game markers, points of interest (POI), resource nodes, and other valuable information. DaOpa continues to unveil additional markers as he embarks on a journey through character leveling. Utilize the map’s search function for specific searches, and don’t forget to click on the markers for pop-ups, some of which include links to brief video clips! This map serves as a fusion of a map and a wiki, offering insights into locating well-hidden secrets within the game.

Any comments or questions fill free to use the comments section or our Stream Chat room!

6 thoughts on “Interactive Map by DaOpa

  1. Heck yea!! Thanks a ton!

    minor suggestion though that i’ve been working on (just in a notepad and nothing even close to this) Maybe try and add what ports buy/sell what commodities at above/below standard market value. like that Green ^ when you see a vendor is buying something for more. I only got 2 ports so far but:

    Dragons Back:
    cloves +
    Sapphire +
    Garnet +

    Telok Penjarah:
    Firearms +
    Cannon Powder +

    1. Thanks, I do have plans to have all this data in also, but I am just one person working on this project, I will get it slowly completed with some time!

      1. I have most if not all outposts and their top buying/selling. I have it all on an excel sheet and am willing to share this info.

        1. Ciao Zetsey sarei interessato a questo materiale, mi sono creato anche io un block note per prendere appunti ma sono abbastanza in dietro.
          Attendo tue notizie, grazie.
          P.s. grazie mille per la mappa interattiva daopa!!

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