Starting your first fireplace!


How to start a Fireplace on Salem!

Fireplace guideThis is a short guide on how to get a fireplace started that can be used to roast or bake food and to light up torches.

Step 1.

Gather 15 stones (regular stones, granite, dross).

Step 2.
Click on Build Build then Building and Structures Buildings_Structures and finally fireplace Fireplace. Find a clear area on the ground to place the building sign. Take each stone and drag it into the building sign, click build. Quick Tip – you can hold shift where it says 15/0/0 and use your mouse scroll to automatically take the stone from your inventory.

Built-Fireplace Fireplace with no Fuel.

Step 3.

Next you need to fuel the fireplace, you can use branches and woodblocks. Branches are obtainable from trees, find a tree and right click to pick branches. Woodblocks are a bit harder, you need a axe which can be used on random woodpiles or  old logs. A branch fuels for 20 minutes, woodblock is double so it fuels for 40 minutes, max fuel time is 200 minutes. Quick Tip – when you are fueling the fireplace, make sure your next to it, hold either the branch or woodblock and right click on the fireplace. You may have to try and click in a couple of different areas to get it to work. Once you do get it to fuel it will look like the following:

Fueled Fireplace

Step 4.

Light the fire with Tinder Drill  or a Torch that has been already lit. Basically you hold tinder drill or a lit torch and right click on the Piles of wood that is in the center of the fireplace.

Right clicking on the Fireplace should show the following pop up window.


First Meter is the fuel supply, second meter is the time left during the second phase which is when the fire goes off, what is left is burning ashes which is used to bake unbaked goods up to 4 in the provided slots.

Final thoughts
If your a new player to Salem, you are going to need to make a fireplace in order to roast items specifically Snails / Slugs which will help getting higher Phlegm. Any comments or questions fill free to post, thanks!

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