DaOpa’s Salem Fansite

Welcome to Daopa’s Salem Fansite!

Included on the fansite but not limited to will be Salem Live Stream information, gameplay clips and helpful tips provided by DaOpa.

Game Features:

  • Sandbox MMORPG
  • Persistent, terraformable and mutable world.
  • Crafting, farming and building.
  • Open PvP combat with permadeath.
  • Free to Play.

Salem Retail BoxcoverDescription:

Salem is set in the colonial times of New England, offering free roaming in a persistent, terraform-able world with a Gothic art style.

Players can train a vast array of proficiency which enable access to tons of difference skills. There are no caps on proficiency levels nor no limit on how many skills your character can achieve. Build a town, small camp or be a hermit living off the land.  Many options for farming, building, mining, gardening, tool making and much more.  Being a sandbox you are only limited to your imagination of what you wish to create and achieve.

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Minimum System Spec’s – Note this is not Official, this created by DaOpa & other player suggested requirements.
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Memory: 1GB RAM
Processor: P4 or newer
Hard drive: Less than 200 MB
Video Card / GPU: Graphic Card that support OpenGL 1.4, most video cards that support DirectX 9.0 should have functional OpenGL drivers.
Java Verison: Java 6 or newer.


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