Swords List

Shown here is currently all the various swords that you can find in Mad World. It gives you the description, required level and primary stat information. This data is from the final alpha test version of the game and its subject to change in the future.


NameGradeReq LevelPrimary 1Primary 1 min
Basic Wooden Sword {0}NORMAL1atk15
Basic Wooden SwordNORMAL1atk15
Wooden Sword {0}NORMAL5atk20
Stone Sword {0}NORMAL15atk28
Bone Sword {0}NORMAL23atk35
Copper Sword {0}NORMAL31atk42
Bronze Sword {0}NORMAL38atk49
Cast Iron Sword {0}NORMAL45atk56
White Iron Sword {0}NORMAL53atk63
Prime Silver Sword {0}NORMAL63atk71
Archean Gold Sword {0}NORMAL78atk85
Ether Sword {0}NORMAL78atk85
Foodie's Kitchen Knife {0}ABYSS28atk60
Hellfire sword {0}ABYSS31atk71
Corroded sword {0}RARE12atk30
Collector's sword {0}UNIQUE20atk45
Pioneer's sword {0}RARE18atk36
Nightmarish Sword {0}UNIQUE26atk54
Sword of Malice {0}UNIQUE32atk62
Master Sage's Sword {0}UNIQUE38atk71
Sword of Sloth {0}UNIQUE55atk95
Distorted Sword {0}UNIQUE43atk78
Astonishing Sword {0}UNIQUE51atk90
Blood-soaked Distorted Sword {0}LEGEND47atk95
Bizarre astonishing sword {0}LEGEND54atk107
Unpredictable sword of sloth {0}LEGEND61atk116
Savage Sword {0}UNIQUE76atk122
Mighty savage sword {0}LEGEND80atk145
Sword of arroganceUNIQUE86atk137
Sword of supreme arroganceLEGEND90atk162
Willy's Wooden Sword {0}NORMAL5atk20
Wooden SwordNORMAL63atk71
Stone SwordNORMAL63atk71
Bone SwordNORMAL63atk71
Copper SwordNORMAL63atk71
Bronze SwordNORMAL63atk71
Cast Iron SwordNORMAL63atk71
White Iron SwordNORMAL63atk71
Prime Silver SwordNORMAL63atk71
Archean Gold SwordNORMAL63atk71
Ether SwordNORMAL63atk71

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