2h Maces List

2H Maces List

Mad World is an MMORPG game that offers players a wide variety of weapons to choose from, including 2-handed maces. In this article, we will take a closer look at all the different 2-handed maces available in Mad World, including their descriptions, required levels, and primary stat information. Data has been updated on 4/22/23 from early access build.

2h maces list

NameGradeRequire LevelPrimaryMin
Wooden Two-handed Blunt Weapon {0}NORMAL1ATK74
Stone Two-handed Blunt Weapon {0}NORMAL1ATK74
Bone Two-handed Blunt Weapon {0}NORMAL1ATK74
Copper Two-handed Blunt Weapon {0}NORMAL1ATK74
Bronze Two-handed Blunt Weapon {0}NORMAL1ATK74
Cast Iron Two-handed Blunt Weapon {0}NORMAL1ATK74
White Iron Two-handed Blunt Weapon {0}NORMAL1ATK74
Prime Silver Two-handed Blunt Weapon {0}NORMAL1ATK74
Archean Two-handed Blunt Weapon {0}NORMAL1ATK74
Ether Two-handed Blunt Weapon {0}NORMAL1ATK74
Wooden Two-handed Blunt WeaponNORMAL67ATK551
Stone Two-handed Blunt WeaponNORMAL67ATK551
Bone Two-handed Blunt WeaponNORMAL67ATK551
Copper Two-handed Blunt WeaponNORMAL67ATK551
Bronze Two-handed Blunt WeaponNORMAL67ATK551
Iron Two-Handed Blunt WeaponNORMAL67ATK551
White Iron Two-handed Blunt WeaponNORMAL67ATK551
Prime Silver Two-handed Blunt WeaponNORMAL67ATK551
Archean Gold Two-handed Blunt WeaponNORMAL67ATK551
Ether Two-handed Blunt WeaponNORMAL67ATK551
Edible Weapon {0}TREASURE1ATK66
Oscar's rotten touch {0}TREASURE1ATK66
Collector's two-handed blunt weapon {0}SET20ATK178
Master Sage's Two-handed Blunt Weapon {0}SET38ATK299
Two-handed Blunt Weapon of Sloth {0}SET55ATK418
Distorted Two-handed Sword {0}SET43ATK340
Blood-soaked Distorted Two-Handed Sword {0}HIGHSET47ATK365
Unpredictable two-handed blunt weapon of sloth {0}HIGHSET61ATK457
Savage Two-handed Blunt Weapon{0}SET76ATK555
Mighty savage two-handed blunt weapon {0}HIGHSET80ATK580
Two-handed blunt weapon of arroganceSET86ATK619
Two-handed blunt weapon of supreme arroganceHIGHSET90ATK646

In conclusion, these are all the various 2-hand maces that you can find in Mad World. Each mace has its unique characteristics and benefits, and players can choose the one that best suits their gameplay style. However, it’s important to note that this information is from the final alpha test version of the game and is subject to change in the future. Players should keep an eye out for updates to ensure they have the latest information on weapons in Mad World.

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