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Mad World MMO is an online game that provides players with a vast open-world map divided into different zones. Each zone has its unique name, level range, and type of zone.

ZoneMap Levelstypesub_type
Dumpsite outskirts1 - 1nonenone
The Dark Encampment10 - 10townpk_restrict
Blood Swamp4 - 5fieldpk_restrict
Wagon Track Field7 - 7fieldpk_restrict
Processing Plant8 - 8fieldpk_restrict
Entrance to the Collector's room10 - 10dungeonpk_restrict
Dumpsite5 - 5fieldpk_restrict
Muddy forest4 - 4fieldpk_restrict
Dyingwood Hill6 - 6fieldpk_restrict
Secret storage9 - 9fieldpk_restrict
Burial site6 - 7fieldpk_restrict|boss
The Dark Encampment2 - 3townpk_restrict
Outcast cave3 - 3nonenone
Old Shelter5 - 5nonenone
Collector's room10 - 10nonenone
Collector's room9 - 14nonenone
Old processing plant9 - 14nonenone
Old dyeing plant9 - 14nonenone
Bearowl den49 - 49nonenone
Outcast cave2 - 2nonenone
Outcast cave3 - 3nonenone
Shabby tent2 - 3nonenone
Libby's shack2 - 3nonenone
Mckin's workroom7 - 7nonenone
Haunted cabin6 - 6nonenone
Brainwashing room9 - 9nonenone
Inner mind3 - 3nonenone
Inner mind5 - 5nonenone
Farm residence12 - 12townpk_restrict
Dry Thicket14 - 14fieldpk_restrict
Food ingredients storage16 - 16fieldpk_restrict
Kitchen of the three brothers18 - 18fieldpk_restrict|boss
Veggie Diner Paran19 - 20fieldpk_restrict
Central cultivation area15 - 15fieldpk_restrict
Hide-and-seek Forest11 - 11fieldpk_restrict
Hanging Neck Forest13 - 13fieldpk_restrict
Ankle-grabbing Field17 - 17fieldpk_restrict
Entrance to botanist's garden20 - 20dungeonpk_restrict
The depths of Hanging Neck Forest51 - 57fieldpk_restrict
Botanist's garden19 - 25nonenone
Greenhouse19 - 25nonenone
Waste storage19 - 25nonenone
Species laboratory19 - 25nonenone
Botanist's garden20 - 20nonenone
Underground paradise17 - 17nonenone
South cultivation area49 - 49nonenone
Leech cave15 - 15nonenone
Crop laboratory15 - 15nonenone
Crop storage16 - 16nonenone
Guest room19 - 19nonenone
Abandoned animal shed12 - 12nonenone
Burning abandoned animal shed12 - 12nonenone
Sewerage, interior14 - 14nonenone
Juice factory18 - 18nonenone
Libby's nightmare18 - 18nonenone
Wagon, interior11 - 11nonenone
Hidden forest passage11 - 11nonenone
Silver Moon Desert29 - 29fieldpk_restrict
Orbit of Silence27 - 27townpk_restrict
Western underground waterway26 - 26fieldpk_restrict
Eastern underground waterway28 - 28fieldpk_restrict
Parched Field30 - 30fieldpk_restrict
Hidden underground waterway entrance30 - 30dungeonpk_restrict
Desolate uphill path21 - 21fieldpk_restrict
Desolate historical site22 - 23fieldpk_restrict
Sandy Wind Hill23 - 24fieldpk_restrict|boss
Eternal Oasis24 - 25townpk_restrict|elder_boss
Underground waterway center27 - 27fieldpk_restrict
Underground waterway center28 - 28fieldpk_restrict|boss
Blocked off sand gorge29 - 35nonenone
Pupil of the Ghost29 - 35nonenone
End section of underground waterway29 - 35nonenone
Hidden underground waterway30 - 30nonenone
Hidden underground waterway29 - 35nonenone
Abandoned storage27 - 27nonenone
Hypnotist house27 - 27nonenone
Sand ghost tunnel23 - 23nonenone
Dried cliff56 - 56nonenone
Standstill Forest25 - 25nonenone
Aged Tomb57 - 57nonenone
Historic Imperial Palace in the Izmael era22 - 22nonenone
Hideout30 - 30nonenone
Khura's throne23 - 23nonenone
Spore nest30 - 30nonenone
Dumpsite outskirts40 - 40nonenone
Entrance to Farel's Hall40 - 40dungeonpk_restrict
Sand Storm Wilderness31 - 32fieldpk_restrict
Northeasterly Wind Village32 - 32townpk_restrict
Potato Sugar Cane Farm33 - 35fieldpk_restrict|boss
Western side of Remembering Island35 - 37fieldpk_restrict|elder_boss
Gloomy Cave37 - 37fieldpk_restrict
Eastern side of Remembering Island38 - 40fieldpk_restrict|boss
Foehn Wind Village35 - 35nonenone
Farel's hall40 - 40nonenone
Farel's hall39 - 45nonenone
Merminid lair39 - 45nonenone
Temple of Memory, exterior39 - 45nonenone
Temple of Memory, interior39 - 45nonenone
Lord's brainwashing station35 - 35nonenone
Barracks of Anguish34 - 34nonenone
The West Remembering Island37 - 37nonenone
Gusty Wind Bridge31 - 31nonenone
Gusty Wind Bridge31 - 31nonenone
Hidden cave38 - 38nonenone
Gloomy cave37 - 37nonenone
Pond Village39 - 39nonenone
Chapel39 - 39nonenone
Prison39 - 39nonenone
Jar Village39 - 39nonenone
Den of sand robbers61 - 61nonenone
Potato sugar cane farm34 - 35nonenone
Cursed cliff37 - 37nonenone
Ruins of ancient civilization32 - 32nonenone
Crushed Coast43 - 44fieldpk_restrict
Everblue Forest45 - 46fieldpk_restrict|boss
Beholder's Crossroad47 - 49fieldpk_restrict|elder_boss
Slanted Field1 - 2fieldpk_free
Phantom Stone Mine Village1 - 2fieldpk_free
Phantom Stone Mine1 - 2fieldpk_free
Bright Sand Hill59 - 65fieldpk_restrict
Bleak Stone Field41 - 42fieldpk_restrict
Mine Shaft No. 1061 - 2fieldpk_free
Shadow Mountain Range1 - 2fieldpk_free
Gloomy Forest1 - 2fieldpk_free
Shadow of Sun50 - 50townpk_restrict
Dismantling facility1 - 2nonenone
Foundry1 - 2nonenone
Treasure storage1 - 2nonenone
Mammon (entrance)1 - 2nonenone
Mammon1 - 2nonenone
Misty Forest45 - 45nonenone
Trial of Inner Mind46 - 46nonenone
White Knot Cave49 - 49nonenone
House of village chief50 - 50nonenone
Solar Shadow50 - 50nonenone
Dividing Den under the Knot49 - 55nonenone
White Knot Cave49 - 55nonenone
Phantom cave85 - 85nonenone
Phantom cultivation zone85 - 85nonenone
Grave of phantom85 - 85nonenone

Here is a current view of the entire Mad World map:

Mad World MMO World Map

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