Fractured Online Patch Notes – b.1.0e


Patch notes update for Fractured Online version b.1.0e, updated on 11/24/2023.


Longbow Adjustments

The Longbow has undergone a significant transformation, now classified as a Slow weapon with higher base damage but lower speed. This adjustment aims to enhance the importance of base weapon damage in various abilities. Despite the reduced speed, the final DPS has seen a commendable increase of approximately 6%. Notably, the arrow still initiates at the beginning of the animation, preserving the playability of the Longbow. This change introduces a new dynamic to archery strategies, prompting players to reconsider their approach and tactics with this weapon.

Shortbow & Primitive Bow Enhancement

In response to player feedback and balancing considerations, the base damage of Shortbow and Primitive Bow has been increased by 11%. This tweak aims to make these bows more competitive and align their effectiveness with player expectations. The adjustment is expected to impact combat scenarios positively, providing players with more viable options within the archery arsenal.

Guided Shot Modification

Guided Shot now inflicts extra Piercing damage instead of Energy, creating a more specialized role for this ability. Additionally, it now stacks with Perception (PER) instead of Intelligence (INT). This change not only refines the identity of Guided Shot but also introduces a strategic element by emphasizing perception over intelligence in its execution. Players will need to adapt their tactics to make the most of this updated skill.

Double Shot Coefficient Adjustment

The damage coefficient of Double Shot has been fixed at 5% of Perception (PER), eliminating the variable range of [3%-4.5%]xPER. This change provides more consistency in the damage output of Double Shot, streamlining its effectiveness in combat. Players can now better predict the impact of this skill, contributing to a more strategic use of archery in various gameplay situations.

Other Balance Stuff

Mage Staff Empowerment

All Mage Staffs have received a base damage increase of 11%. While this change may seem modest, it serves as a precursor to a more comprehensive rework aimed at establishing competitiveness against sword + shield combinations. The development team is actively working on deeper adjustments to further refine the role of Mage Staffs in the game’s meta.

Dragon Breath Revisions

Several Dragon Breath abilities have undergone adjustments to balance their impact. Notably, Ember Dragon Breath’s damage per second (dps) has been reduced from 20-30xINT to 16-24xINT, with corresponding reductions in stacking. Arboreal Dragon Breath and Skeletal Dragon Breath have also seen adjustments to stacking rates and damage per second. These changes aim to ensure a more balanced and nuanced experience when utilizing dragon abilities in combat.

Send To Jail

Execution and Criminal Confinement

A significant change has been implemented in the process of sending criminals to jail. Instead of occurring during execution, it is now a separate action performed on the ghost of the deceased criminal. This alteration addresses exploitative tactics, such as employing Death Bargain or orchestrated executions to evade imprisonment. The delay in respawn for dead criminals ensures a fair and strategic approach to justice within the game.

Bug Fixes

Terra’s Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles now appropriately spawn on Terra, addressing an oversight that had to be rectified promptly. This bug fix enhances the overall immersion and realism within the game world.

Respawn Anomalies Resolved

Players should no longer find themselves respawning beneath the floor of town halls. A meticulous investigation led to a solution for an issue that, while challenging to replicate, required attention to enhance the player experience.

Invisible Blocker Prevention

A sneaky bug causing doors of houses to create invisible blockers has been eradicated. This fix ensures a smoother navigation experience for players, preventing unintended obstacles in their path.

Harbor UI Stability

A subtle yet impactful bug affecting the harbor UI has been fixed. Now, any update regarding cities will no longer reset the UI, preventing accidental travel requests to the last city on the list. This quality-of-life improvement enhances the overall user experience.

Siege-related Bug Fixes

Several bugs related to sieges have been addressed, including the prevention of Enrage and Death Bargain during sieges. The fixes contribute to a more stable and fair gameplay environment, eliminating potential exploits and ensuring a balanced PvP experience within siege scenarios.

Protective Structures Correction

Siege Tents and Town Halls now correctly protect players from PvP within them during sieges. This fix reinforces the intended mechanics of protective structures, providing players with a more reliable refuge during intense siege battles.

Death Mark Adjustments

Death Mark now breaks correctly when targets travel too far away and no longer reduces Evasion. These adjustments enhance the consistency and reliability of Death Mark, ensuring it functions as intended in various gameplay situations.

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