Fractured Online Patch Notes – b.1.0e

Patch notes update for Fractured Online version b.1.0e, updated on 11/24/2023. Archery Longbow Adjustments The Longbow has undergone a significant transformation, now classified as a Slow weapon with higher base damage but lower speed. This adjustment aims to enhance the importance of base weapon damage in various abilities. Despite the reduced speed, the final DPS […]

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jacopo fractured online hacked

Fractured Online Faces Severe Setback as Hacker Wipes Player Cities

In a shocking turn of events, Dynamight Studios, the creators of the MMORPG Fractured Online, announced that the game has fallen victim to a severe cyber attack. Jacopo, from Dynamight Studios, revealed that a hacker gained unauthorized access to an admin account—specifically Jacopo’s account—and systematically deleted all player cities. The attack, described as a backend […]

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