expeditionsExpeditions are special complexes that may trigger when completing cosmic anomalies and unrated sites. These escalations provide greater potential for rare item drops from commander spawns.

LocationAngel CartelBlood RaidersGuristas PiratesSansha's NationSerpentis CorporationRogue Drones
High SecBlue PillFrentixSooth SayerDropMindfloodPulverize The Pioneers
High SecChasing the DragonFollowing the BloodTrapSlave Breeding PlantsAngel KickbacksMare Sargassum
High SecThe Nuclear Small Arms ProjectMedical TwilightTerrorist Plot!Nation on the RiseJet-Set HooligansHunting the Drudge Factory
High SecThe Big BlueThe Rewards of DevotionKidnapped!True Power ShipyardsBooster R&D-
Low SecDomination Surveillance SquadBlood Surveillance SquadGurista Surveillance SquadSansha Surveillance SquadGuardian Angels Surveillance SquadMoving Day
Low SecSalvation Angel's ShipmentSave The SlavesGurista Productions ShipmentHidden RichesElite PlaygroundLoose Ends
Low SecAngel Owned StationBlood Owned StationGuristas Owned StationSansha Owned StationSerpentis Owned StationMenacing Mechanics
Low SecAngel PowergridBlood Raider PowergridGuristas PowergridSansha PowergridSerpentis Powergrid-
Null SecToxic Waste Scandal!Religious FuryConsequences SmonsequencesTrue Power HQContract KillersThe Drone Roulette
Null SecOperation Spring CleaningDubious AssignmentHired GunShady OperationSuspicious JobMolting Season
Null SecPioneers PerilFrontier in FlamesPirate's PathDavid V GoliathColony Under FireTrouble in Paradise
Null SecSpecial ForcesFountain of YouthNo QuarterThe Ancient CitySerpentis Secrets-
Null SecAngel Domination Fleet Staging Point 2Dark Blood Fleet Staging Point 2Dread Guristas Fleet Staging Point 2True Sansha Fleet Staging Point 2Shadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Point 2-

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