Shady Operation

shady operation
Type: Expedition
Security: Nullsec
Regions: Stain, Paragon Soul, Esoteria, Catch, Providence
Max Stages: 4
Pirate type: Sansha’s Nation

Location 1

Centii Loyal Savage / Slave Hunter x1 (F)
Centior Abomination / Devourer / Horror / Misshape x2-3 (D)
Centum Fiend / Hellhound x2-3 (C)
Centum Loyal Fiend / Hellhound / Mutilator / Torturer x4 (C)
Centatis Behemoth / Daemon x4 (BC)
Gruel Minjoan x1 (BS)
True Sansha’s Beastlord / Plague Lord x1 (BS)(TD)

Location 2

Centii Manslayer / Plague x2 (F)
Centii Loyal Minion / Ravener / Servant x4 (F)(Webs, Scrams)
Centum Loyal Execrator / Slaughterer x4 (C)(TD)
Centatis Behemoth x1 (BC)
Centus Beastlord / Plague Lord x4 (BS)(TD)
Targani Lopar (True Sansha’s Plague Lord) x1 (BS)

Location 3

Centus Dark Lord / Overlord x6 (BS)
Centii Loyal Plague / Savage x6 (F)(TD)

Acceleration Gate x1 (Leads to part 2)

Part 2

Centii Loyal Butcher / Manslayer / Ravener / Scavenger 6 Elite Frigates (F)(Webs, Scrams)
Centum Fiend / Torturer x4 (C)
Centatis Behemoth / Daemon x3 (BC)
Centus Tyrant x4 (BS)
Raeton Kobryn (True Sansha’s Overlord) x1 (BS)

Location 4

Centum Loyal Beast / Hellhound / Juggernaut / Mutilator x5 (C)(TD)
Centatis Behemoth / Daemon x4 (BC)

Acceleration Gate x1 (Leads to part 2)

Part 2

Centii Butcher / Enslaver / Manslayer / Plague x22 (F)
Centii Loyal Minion / Ravener / Scavenger x11 (F)(Webs, Scrams)
Centus Lord / Slave Lord x3 (BS)
True Centus Preacher x1 (BS)

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