Sansha War Supply Complex

sansha war supply complex
Type: Combat
DED rating: 6/10
Security: Lowsec, Nullsec
Known Regions: Providence, Catch, Stain, Esoteria, Derelik
Pirate type: Sansha’s Nation

Upon warp-in there are:

Part 1

Centii Butcher / Manslayer x4 (F)
Centum Fiend x4 (C)
Centus Mutant Lord / Savage Lord x8 (BS)
Sanshas Corpse Collector x1 (BS)(May drop True Sansha Modules)

Acceleration Gate x1 (down) (Leads to Part 1b (Supply Depot))
Acceleration Gate x1 (up) (Leads to Part 2, make sure to get key first from 1b)

Part 1b (Supply Depot)


Group 1 (0 km)

Centatis Phantasm / Specter x2 (BC)
Centus Mutant Lord / Overlord / Savage Lord x2 (BS)

Group 2 (40km)

Centii Butcher/Manslayer x5 (F)
Centior Misshape x2 (D)
Centum Fiend/Hellhound x7 (C)
Centatis Specter x2 (BC)
Centus Mutant Lord / Overlord / Savage Lord x6

Ancient Acceleration Gate x1 (Leads to Part 1)
Cargo Containers x9 (One of them contains the Product Park Passcard needed to get part 2.)

Gate leads to part 1.

Part 2 (Product Park)


Group 1 (0km)

Centus Mutant Lord / Savage Lord x3 (BS)

Group 2 (40km)

Centii Butcher / Manslayer x2 (F)
Centior Misshape x3 (D)
Centum Fiend x1 (C)
Centatis Phantasm / Specter x6 (BC)
Centus Mutant Lord / Overlord / Savage Lord x11 (BS)
True Creation’s Park Overseer x1 (BS)(wreck may contain Meta,True Sansha modules or nothing)

Gate leads to part 3.

Part 3


Group 1 (0km)

Centior Misshape x1 (F)
Centatis Phantasm x1 (C)
Centus Slave Lord x1 (BS)

Group 2 (40km)

Centior Cannibal x2 (F)
Centior Misshape x5 (D)
Centatis Phantasm / Specter x7 (C)
Centus Plague Lord / Savage Lord x11 (BS)
Effotber’s Transit Overseer x1 (BS)

Gate leads to part 4.

Part 4


Group 1 (0km – auto aggro)

Centior Devourer / Cannibal x3 (D)
Centatis Specter x0-1 (BC)
Centus Savage Lord x1-2 (BS)
Cruise Missile Battery x2 (S)

Group 2 (40km)

Centior Cannibal / Devourer x6 (D)
Centatis Phantasm / Specter x10 (BC)
Centus Beast Lord / Plague Lord x7 (BS)
Skomener Effotber x1 (BS)(drops 19th Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects and may contain Centum A-Type Modules, True Sansha Cruiser Modules, and Phantasm BPC)

DaOpa’s Notes:
Tank for EM/THERM and do EM/THERM damage.

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