Blood Raider Naval Shipyard

Combat Sites

blood raider naval shipyard
Type: Combat
DED rating: 10/10
Security: Nullsec
Known Regions: Delve, Querious, Period Basis
Pirate type: Blood Raiders

Upon warp-in there are:

Part 1

Corpior Devoter x5 (D)
Elder Corpior Cleric/Visionary/Converter x11 (F) (Webs, Scrams)
Elder Corpus Bishop x2 (BC) (TD, Neuts)
Corpus Oracle x5 (BS)
Corpus Apostle / Monsignor x7 (BS)
Blood Stasis Tower x9 (S)(Webs)
Blood Cruise Missile Batteries x8 (S)

Part 2

Elder Corpior Upholder/Herald x10 (F)(Webs, Scrams)
Elder Corpus Bishop x2 (BC)(TD, Neuts)
Corpus Patriarch x3 (BS)
Corpus Monsignor x4 (BS)
Corpus Pope x2 (BS)
Blood Stasis Tower x2 (S)(Webs)

Part 3

Elder Corpior Upholder/Herald x? (F)(Webs, Scrams)
Elder Corpum Dark Priest / Shadow Sage / Arch Sage x?
Corpior Templar / Converter x? (D)
Corpus Patriarch / Pope x9 (BS)
Dark Corpus Archbishop / Harbinger x5 (Vampire)
Blood Point Defense Batteries x3 (S)
Blood Raider Sentry Gun x4 (S)
Blood Stasis Tower x12 (S)
Blood Cruise Missile Batteries x4 (S)

Blood Raider Fleet Stronghold x1 (drops 23rd Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects and may drop Corpus X-Type modules, Dark Blood faction modules, Bhaalgorn BPC)

DaOpa’s Notes:
Tank for EM/Therm and do EM/Therm type damage.

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