Pith Merchant Depot

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pith merchant depot
Type: Combat
DED rating: 2/10
Security: Highsec
Known Regions: Black Rise, Lonetrek, The Citadel, The Forge
Pirate type: Guristas Pirates

Upon warp-in there are:

Pithi Infiltrator / Invader / Arrogator / Imputer x22 (F)
Pith Guristas Sentry x6 (S)
Blockade General Sade x1 (F)(drops 3rd tier overseers personal effect, Sade’s Pass key to part 2, low chance to drop Dread Guristas module)

Part 2

Guristas Sentry Guns x3 (S)
Guristas Stasis Tower x3 (S)(Web)
Supply Station Manager x1 (F)(drops 4th tier overseers personal effect)

Supply Depot Control Tower x1

Killing Supply Station manager / Tower unlocks gate to part 3.

Part 3

Pithi Infiltrator, Invader, Supply Patrol, Tax Patrol x13 (F)
Pithum Gate Controller, Taxman, Supply Patrol x5 (C)

Storage Taxes x1 (5th tier overseers personal effect, can drop Dread Guristas Modules)

Killing all the NPCs unlocks the gate.

Part 4

Pithi Infiltrator, Plunderer x8 (F)
Pithum Silencer, Ascriber x9 (C)
The Superintendant x1 (F)(drops 6th tier overseers personal effect, low chance to drop Pithi Frigate B-type Modules or a Worm BPC)

Pith Tax Bunker (Drops ammo)
Pithi Special Operations (Drops random trade goods)
Pith Communication Center
Pith Superintendents Control Tower

DaOpa’s Notes:
Tank for kinetic damage and do kinetic damage against guristas pirates.

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