Inside My 762B ISK Empire: Unveiling My EVE Online Fortune!


I’ve often been asked about the breakdown of my net worth in EVE Online, so I wanted to take a moment to share some insights into what constitutes my 762 billion ISK fortune. Understanding the composition of my wealth not only provides transparency but also offers a glimpse into the diverse ventures that contribute to it.

Daopa 762 Billion Net Worth

Total Net Worth: 762 Billion ISK as of 5/12/2024

Let’s dive into the specifics:

  1. Plex: At the forefront of my assets are 324 billion ISK worth of Plex. These serve as a cornerstone of my financial strategy, providing flexibility and opportunities within the EVE economy.
  2. Main Ship Hangar: With 70 billion ISK invested in my main ship hangar, I ensure that I’m ready for whatever challenges come my way. These vessels are more than just ships; they’re tools for exploration, combat, and commerce.
    DaOpa Main Ships Hanger
  3. Ammo Storage: Maintaining a well-stocked ammunition storage, valued at 2.7 billion ISK, ensures that I’m always prepared for engagements in the unforgiving depths of space.
    DaOpa Ammo Storage
  4. Drones: My drone fleet, worth 6.4 billion ISK, serves as invaluable companions in my endeavors, whether it’s defending my assets or assisting in resource extraction.
    DaOpa Drones Collection
  5. Rigs and Salvage: I’ve allocated 8.1 billion ISK towards rigs and salvage operations, essential for customizing and maintaining my ships while also capitalizing on opportunities for salvaged materials.
    DaOpa rigs and salvage
  6. Ores and Blueprints: Mining operations have yielded 16.4 billion ISK worth of ores, with the value of blueprint originals yet to be determined. These resources fuel my industrial endeavors and contribute to the bustling economy of New Eden.
    DaOpa Blueprints and Ores
  7. Tech 2 and Better: Investing 20.6 billion ISK in Tech 2 and superior equipment ensures that I stay ahead of the curve, equipped with the latest advancements in technology.
    DaOpa T2 or Better
  8. Production: With 8.6 billion ISK dedicated to production and resources, I contribute to the manufacturing backbone of EVE Online, producing goods essential for commerce and warfare.
    DaOpa T2 Production
  9. Mission Loots: Ventures into missions have rewarded me with 72 billion ISK worth of loot, a testament to the risks and rewards of exploration and combat in the vast reaches of space.
    DaOpa Main Hanger DaOpa Main Hanger 2
  10. Implants and Miscellaneous Items: Lastly, implants and miscellaneous items valued at 173 billion ISK round out my portfolio, offering enhancements and opportunities across various aspects of gameplay.
    DaOpa Misc 2 DaOpa Misc

In summary, my net worth of 762 billion ISK is the culmination of diverse ventures and strategic investments within EVE Online. It’s a testament to the dynamic nature of the EVE economy and the opportunities it presents to savvy capsuleers like myself. As I continue to navigate the depths of space and pursue new horizons, I’m excited to see how my fortunes evolve and contribute to the ever-changing landscape of New Eden.

Fly safe, and may the stars guide your endeavors.


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