How I would do F2P


DaOpa's Free to play Model

EVE Online is developing a Free to play option in November and is looking for community feedback. Here are my suggestions and recommendations for the upcoming changes.

  • Alpha Clone State:
    Let people multi-box the F2P accounts as much as they wish but make it extremely visible that macro’ing / sending commands to multi clients is not allowed.
    Skill learning options are restricted and a total skill point cap is set.


  • Beta Clone State:
    Copy everything that an Alpha Clone state is but remove skill learning restrictions and skill point caps.
    Make this Buy to Play, a one time fee or (x) amount of plex to unlock.
    Once you have Beta Clone State, you do not revert to the Alpha Clone state anymore.
    Retro activity give to all accounts that have been subscribed for (x) amount of months beta clone state.


  • Create an “Action Based” skill point gaining mechanic. A certain set of actions will give a small skill point reward that goes into the skill point pool. Actions such as but not limited to the following:
    Mining – during mining cycles
    Production / Industry – on completion of a manufacture job, research me / te, copy, invention
    Exploration – mini game completion, complex boss killing
    Missions – completing any type mission, faction warfare missions
    NPCs – killing NPC ships, higher bounty value more SP gain
    Have diminishing returns for action based skill points, the higher total skill points a character has the lower sp per action points will be.
  • Copy how the skill point system in Dust 514 worked onto EVE. Make a single character clone state per account have a passive daily skill point gain. Alpha / Beta states will be very low daily SP gains vs Omega. Remove the skill queue system, it will not be needed anymore with a skill point pool mechanic. If accounts are not logged in for a couple of days then passive skill point gains stop working on Alpha / Beta accounts (Omega not affected).
  • Remove character attributes from the game, remove all implants associated with attributes, all skill references etc. It will not be needed anymore with a skill point pool system.
  • Disable access to service, accounts to any 3rd parties involved with gambling apps or gambling websites. Update TOS / EULA to state EVE IP / Services / API are not to be used for any out of game type of gambling activities.

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