Blood Raider Intelligence Collection Point

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blood raider intelligence collection point
Type: Combat
DED rating: 3/10
Security: Highsec, Lowsec
Known Regions: Aridia, Genesis, Kador, Khanid, Kor-Azor, The Bleak Lands
Pirate type: Blood Raider

Upon warp-in there are:

Corpii Collector / Seeker x14 (F)(Tracking Disruption)
Corpii Raider x1 (F)

Part 2

Corpii Upholder / Diviner x5 (F)
Corpii Collector / Seeker x13 (F)(Tracking Disruption)
Blood Point Defense Battery x1 (S)

Part 3

Corpii Herald / Upholder x16 x (F)
Corpii Collector / Seeker x12 (F)(Tracking Disruption)
Blood Point Defense Battery x1 (S)

Scordite x15
Veldspar x25

Pact 4

Corpii Diviner / Raider x6 (F)
Corpii Collector / Seeker x26 (F)(Tracking Disruption)
Blood Raider Sentry Gun x4 (S)

Pact 5

Corpii Diviner / Raider x15 (F)
Corpii Collector / Seeker x18 (F)
Corpum Arch Priest / Sage x1 (C)(Sage spawn can neut)
Blood Raider Sentry Gun x3 (S)
Dark Blood Alpha x1 (F)(Drops 7th Overseer’s Personal Effects, may drop Dark Blood Frigate A-Type Modules, Corpii A-type modules and/or a Cruor Blueprint)

DaOpa’s Notes:
Tank for EM/Therm and do EM/Therm type damage.

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