Angel Repurposed Outpost

angel repurposed outpost
Type: Combat
DED rating: 3/10
Security: Highsec, Lowsec
Known Regions: Heimatar, Metropolis, Molden Heath
Pirate type: Angel Cartel

Upon warp-in there are:

Gistii Ambusher / Raider x1 (F)
Gistii Nomad / Ruffian x14 (F)(Target Painting)

Part 2

Gistii Outlaw / Thug x4 (F)
Gistii Nomad / Ruffian x13 (F)(Target Painting)
Gistii Ambusher x1 (F)

Part 3

Gistii Outlaw / Thug x16 (F)
Gistii Nomad / Ruffian x12 (F)(Target Painting)
Angel Point Defense Battery x1 (S)

Part 4

Gistii Ambusher / Raider x5 (F)
Gistii Nomad / Ruffian x26 (Target Painting)
Angel Sentry Gun x4 (S)

Part 5

Angel Sentry Gun x3 (S)
Gistii Ambusher / Raider x14 (F)
Gistii Nomad / Ruffian x18 (F)(Target Painting)
Gistum Marauder x1 (C)
Domination Grigori x1 (F)(drops 7th Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects, may drop one or two Domination/Gistii Frigate A-Type Modules, Daredevil Blueprint)

DaOpa’s Notes:
Angel’s pirates do mostly explosive damage followed by kinetic, they are weak against explosive damage.

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