Minor Wreckage

Explorers Log

This is a explorers log post for planet Orishis 6 which I found 2 minor wreckage sites with threat level 1 and 3. Minor Wreakage T1 T3 Orishis 6

Both sites have a chance to spawn 2-3 NPC Pirates.

Both have one container which offers the following:
Compact Library
Health Monitor

And a SRV with 2 Panels on back which offers the following:
Micro Transformer
Optical Fibre x2
Circuit Board x2
Metal Coil

Different planet with a another type of minor wreckage, this one was found in BD+32 2388 2 A.

Here is a screenshot of the area:
minor wreckage alt 2

Had 2 different materials out of the following:
Shielding Sensors
Heat Conduction Wiring
Compound Shielding
Chemical Processors
Worn Shield Emitters
Hybrid Capacitors

Has one Intact Cargo Rack that can eject into 6 different resources via the cutting tool.

Here are some of the various material resources that you can get from that process.


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