Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles List

Using microscale railgun technology, the sniper rifle effectively weaponizes velocity, putting an inert round downrange in excess of 2,500m/s. The standard round is a 2-inch beehive’ flechette, loaded automatically from a center-mount pack. The pack design eliminates user intervention and minimizes reload time while simultaneously allowing for future upgrade-ability; different ammunition configurations require nothing more than switching out the rifle’s pack.

Sniper Rifle

NameTypeMetaDamageRoFCSMACPUPGMax Range
Sniper RifleStandard1209505253010600
Tactical Sniper RifleStandard2177.61003303010600
Charge Sniper RifleStandard8321.9505259315600
'Farsight' Sniper RifleStandard3209505253010600
NT-511 Sniper RifleAdvanced4219.4505255113600
C15-A Tactical Sniper RifleAdvanced5186.51003305113600
'Genesis' NT-511 Sniper RifleAdvanced6219.4505255113600
'Downwind' C15-A Tactical Sniper RifleAdvanced6186.51003305113600
Ishukone Sniper RiflePrototype7229.9505259315600
Kaalakiota Tactical Sniper RiflePrototype8195.41003309315600
Militia Sniper RifleStandard0209503253511600
Thale's TAR-07 Sniper RifleOfficer10355.3

Abbreviations Key:
RoF – Rate of Fire
AR – Accuracy Rating
CS – Clip Size
MA – Max Ammo
RT – Reload Time
HBUPS – Heat Build Up Per Second
CD – Cooldown
SD – Seize Duratio

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