Scrambler Pistols

Scrambler Pistols

Scrambler Pistols List

The Scrambler is a semi-automatic pistol originally designed and manufactured by Carthum Conglomerate. A small-scale directed energy weapon, it produces a laser-induced plasma channel capable of dealing short-range pin-point damage to a target.

Scrambler Pistol

Power consumption is excessive, but is addressed via a rear-loaded fuel cell, allowing cells to be exchanged quickly and easily once exhausted. Moreover, advances in the polymers used in the weapon’s construction have greatly reduced heat build-up and improved heat dissipation, resulting in improved reliability over earlier modules.

NameTypeMeta LevelDamageRate of FireAccuracy RatingClip SizeMax AmmoReload TimeOptimal RangeMax RangeCPUPG
Breach Scrambler PistolStandard2128133.362.94422.51550112
TY-5 Breach Scrambler PistolAdvanced5134.4133.362.94422.51555275
Scrambler PistolStandard18040054.26422.51570112
'Surgewick' Scrambler PistolStandard38040054.26422.51570112
CAR-9 Burst Scrambler PistolAdvanced550.4740.742.912482.52570275
TT-3 Assault Scrambler PistolAdvanced584468.7536482.52075347
'Flashbow' CAR-9 Burst Scrambler PistolAdvanced650.4740.742.96422.52570275
Viziam Scrambler PistolPrototype78850053.46422.51570488
'Burnscar' Khanid Scrambler PistolPrototype138850053.46422.51570488
KLO-1 Scrambler PistolAdvanced484444.453.46422.51580275
Carthum Assault Scrambler PistolPrototype888526.353.16482.515706310
Assault Scrambler PistolStandard280422.553.86482.51570154
Militia Scrambler PistolWeapons & Grenades08040054.264231570205
Wolfman's PCP-30 Scrambler PistolScrambler Pistols109650052.66

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