Heavy Machine Guns

Heavy Machine Guns

Heavy Machine Guns List

A multi-barrel, rotary drive machine gun, the HMG is a singularly devastating anti-infantry weapon. Eschewing the advantages of a lighter frame in favor of stopping power, the exponentially increased heat and vibration produced by this Boundless Creation developed weapon makes it almost unbearable to fire. Yet despite this fact, its above average hit ratio and extreme rate of fire has earned it the nickname Death’s Engine.

Heavy Machine Gun

Unlike earlier models, the weapon requires no spool up time; rounds are expelled the instant the trigger is pressed. This comes at the cost of initially reduced accuracy as the counter-rotating drives slowly align. Once fully aligned, however, the HMG produces a pinpoint stream of gunfire with unmatched killing potential.

NameTypeMetaDamageRoFARCSMARTHBUPSCDSDCPUPGOptimal RangeMax Range
Heavy Machine GunStandard118200061.542515008144105353060
MH-82 Heavy Machine GunAdvanced518.9200061.54251500813.34107284060
Boundless Heavy Machine GunPrototype819.8200061.54251500811.941092103060
'Broadside' MH-82 Heavy Machine GunAdvanced718.9200061.54251500813.34107283560
Assault Heavy Machine GunStandard213.5200061.542515008144106465080
Six Kin Burst Heavy Machine GunPrototype915.8400060.94251500829.841092103060
Freedom Assault Heavy Machine GunPrototype915.8200061.54251500811.9410110124080
MLR-A Burst Heavy Machine GunAdvanced614.2400060.94251500833.24107285080
MO-4 Assault Heavy Machine GunAdvanced614.2200061.54251500813

Please note – Max Range & Optimal Range are estimates, not official stats.

Abbreviations Key:
RoF – Rate of Fire
AR – Accuracy Rating
CS – Clip Size
MA – Max Ammo
RT – Reload Time
HBUPS – Heat Build Up Per Second
CD – Cooldown
SD – Seize Duration

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