Light Dropsuit Basic


Light Dropsuits Basic

The Scout dropsuit is a lightweight suit optimized for enhanced mobility, multi-spectrum stealth, and heightened awareness. Augmented joint servo motors give every movement extra speed and flexibility, while integrated friction and impact dampening materials reduce the overall sound signature.

This high-tech suit is coated in adaptive camouflage, a thin layer of bio-hermetic membranes interwoven with microscopic optical sensors that control millions of individual pigment ferro-crystals. An integrated AI-53 All Eyes sensor system wraps around the inside of the helmet, which also includes a chemically scrubbed atmospheric filtration system.

Scout Dropsuits

When missions call for speed and stealth, situations in which heavily armored suits would be more of a burden than an advantage, a scout dropsuit is the best option. The enhanced mobility it provides makes up for its relatively low protection, and when combined with stealth technology modules, the scout suit is the obvious choice for infiltration, counter-espionage, and assassination.

Light Dropsuit Basic Stats

Gallente Light Frame G/1-Series4217570130404805.57.62020018454510804
Gallente Light Frame G-I3012570130404805.57.62020018454510801
Gallente Light Frame gk.06025070130404805.57.62020018454510807
Militia Gallente Light Frame2612570130344805.57.62020018454510801
Militia Minmatar Light Frame3011010070404805.77.92020018454510801
Minmatar Light Frame M/1-Series4216110070404805.77.92020018454510801
Minmatar Light Frame M-I3011510070404805.77.92020018454510801
Minmatar Light Frame mk.06023010070404805.77.92020018454510801
'Skinweave' Militia Gallente Light Frame2612570130344805.57.62020018454510801
'Thale' Militia Gallente Light Frame2612570130344805.57.62020

Abbreviations Key:
SH – Shield
AR – Armor
SRR – Shield Recharge Rate
SRD – Shield Recharge Delay
SDRD – Shield Depleted Recharge Delay
ARR – Armor Repair Rate
MS – Movement Speed
SS – Sprint Speed
SD – Sprint Duration
ST – Stamina
SRR – Stamina Recovery Rate
SP – Scan Profile
SPR – Scan Precision
SR – Scan Radius
MD – Melee Damage

Light Dropsuit Basic Fittings List

NameMetaSmall Capacity GrenadeHigh-Power ModuleEquipmentLow-Power ModuleSidearm WeaponLight Weapon
'Black Eagle' Scout G/1-Series3110011
'Dragonfly' Scout [nSv]1111111
Federal Defense Union Scout Type-I1111211
Gallente Light Frame G/1-Series4121211
Gallente Light Frame G-I1111211
Gallente Light Frame gk.07111411
Militia Gallente Light Frame1111111
Militia Minmatar Light Frame1101211
Minmatar Light Frame M/1-Series1121211
Minmatar Light Frame M-I1111211
Minmatar Light Frame

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