Heavy Dropsuit Commando List

The Commando dropsuit is a variable combat unit capable of reacting to battlefield threats as they emerge. Built using a repurposed heavy frame, the suit is designed for maximum offensive flexibility. The streamlined frame does away with extraneous armor layers, using the augmented power of the exoskeleton to instead shoulder the weight and bulk of two light-class weapons.

Interlaced with subframe wiring, the Amarr variant utilizes asymmetric power distribution to intelligently reroute power to shield and armor subsystems as needed, improving the output efficiency of modules used by these packages.

Heavy Dropsuits

The Commando is the ultimate suppression fighter. What the suit sacrifices in tactical versatility, it more than makes up for with flexible weapon loadouts that can counter any of the myriad threats an ever-evolving battlefield may present.

Heavy Dropsuit Commando List
Heavy Dropsuit Sentinel List

Commando A/1-Series3115725025010710045.515150176560102403
Commando A-I2211225025010710045.515150176560102401
Commando ak.04422425025010710045.515150

Abbreviations Key:
SH – Shield
AR – Armor
SRR – Shield Recharge Rate
SRD – Shield Recharge Delay
SDRD – Shield Depleted Recharge Delay
ARR – Armor Repair Rate
MS – Movement Speed
SS – Sprint Speed
SD – Sprint Duration
ST – Stamina
SRR – Stamina Recovery Rate
SP – Scan Profile
SPR – Scan Precision
SR – Scan Radius
MD – Melee Damage

Heavy Dropsuit Sentinel Fittings List

NameMetaHigh-Power ModuleEquipmentLow-Power ModuleSidearm WeaponLight WeaponHeavy WeaponLarge Capacity GrenadeType
Commando A/1-Series31110200Commando
Commando A-I10100200Commando
Commando ak.0721

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