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The Doombringer is a deadly 1H sword for barbarians, with a unique ability to strike surrounding enemies with Shadow damage »

Fields of Crimson is a 2H sword that is exclusive to Barbarians. This weapon’s Affix provides unique features for the »

Flamescar is a 1H Wand made for the Sorcerer class. It grants the user the ability to channel Incinerate and »

The Grandfather is a 2H Sword that can be used by any class. This powerful weapon increases your Critical Strike »

The Ancients’ Oath is a powerful 2H Axe designed for Barbarians. When using the Steel Grasp skill with this weapon, »

Skyhunter is a 2H Bow that is ideal for Rogue characters. Its unique Affix makes the first direct damage dealt »

Windforce is a powerful 2H Bow that provides a high chance to deliver critical hits to enemies. With its unique »

The Waxing Gibbous is a deadly 1H Axe that is tailor-made for the stealthy and predatory playstyle of the Druid »

The Hellhammer is a devastating 2H Mace designed for Barbarians. Its unique affix causes the ground to ignite and burn »

The Butcher’s Cleaver is a deadly 1H Axe that can be used by any class to devastating effect. The weapon’s »

Overkill is a powerful 2H Mace for Barbarians. Its unique affix, Death Blow, creates a shockwave that deals a percentage »

The Condemnation is a deadly 1H Dagger that is designed to amplify the power of a Rogue’s attacks. This weapon’s »