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Shrines in Diablo 4 are rare and powerful items that can give players temporary buffs, such as increased stats or unique effects. These buffs can greatly increase your killing speed, making shrines highly sought after in the game. In this article, we’ll go over the base mechanics of shrines in Diablo 4 and provide a list of all the different shrine effects you can encounter in the game.shrines list

Base Mechanics of Shrines in Diablo 4

Here are the base mechanics of shrines in Diablo 4:

  • Each shrine lasts for 30 seconds.
  • The duration of a shrine buff can be increased by up to +10% by an Affix roll on your boots.
  • All shrines provide a 35% increase in movement speed.
  • Movement speed buffs from shrines can stack with other movement speed buffs.
  • Shrine Buffs Do Not Stack: While movement speed buffs can stack, other shrine buffs do not stack. Players can only benefit from one shrine effect at a time.
  • Party Play: In parties, shrines count individually and have to be clicked by every player.
  • Six different shrine effects: There are six different shrine effects that can be encountered in the game, each providing a unique buff to the player.
  • Cursed Shrines: Shrines have a chance to be cursed, giving players a new event objective to complete which spawns a Radiant Chest.

How shrines show up on the mini map, here is a screenshot:
shrines minimap

List of Shrine Effects in Diablo 4

Here is a list of all the different shrine effects that can be found in Diablo 4:

Artillery ShrineArtilleryYour attack speed is increased, and each cast summons holy arrows.
Channeling ShrineChannelingYour Skills cost no Resource and and have lower cooldowns.
Conduit ShrineConduitYou can shock and surge through enemies.
Lethal ShrineCritAll of your Skills deal bonus damage and Critically Strike.
Greed ShrineGoldEnemies drop gold when hit, and you automatically pick up gold from farther away.
Vampiric ShrineLeechYou are healed when dealing damage.
Blast Wave ShrinePBAoEYou periodically explode, Overpowering enemies around you.
Protection ShrineProtectionYou are Invulnerable and Unstoppable.

Finding Shrines in Diablo 4

Shrines can be found in both the open world or dungeons. Cursed shrines can also be found, but they are even rarer than normal shrines. They can be identified by their unique visual effect and will have an objective associated with them when clicked.


Shrines in Diablo 4 are a powerful resource that can give players temporary buffs to help them on their adventures. With six different effects to encounter, players play style can temporarily change into something different. Keep an eye out for shrines in dungeons and the open world, and don’t forget to click on cursed shrines for a chance to win a Radiant Chest. Use these powerful buffs wisely and become a true demon-slaying champion in Diablo 4.

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