Unique Overkill

2H Mace Barbarian

Overkill is a powerful 2H Mace for Barbarians. Its unique affix, Death Blow, creates a shockwave that deals a percentage of its base damage to enemies, adding even more devastation to each blow. Additionally, enemies who are killed by this effect will reset Death Blow’s cooldown, allowing for even more opportunities to unleash its powerful effects. With Overkill, Barbarians can become even more deadly in battle and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

d4 ancestral overkill
Diablo 4 Overkill Ancestral Unique Two-Handed Mace (Bludgeoning)

Type: 2H Mace
Class: Barbarian
Death Blow creates a shockwave, dealing [random Affix_Value_1|%|] of its Base damage to enemies. Enemies who die to this effect also reset Death Blow’s Cooldown.

Dropped by / Can be found:
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Additional screenshots of Overkill Steps unique:

Item Power 741
unique overkill item power 741

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2 thoughts on “Unique Overkill

  1. Are you tired of just defeating your enemies? With Overkill, you can utterly annihilate them and leave nothing but a trail of destruction in your wake! The Death Blow affix will have enemies begging for mercy, but with each kill resetting its cooldown, there’s no stopping the Barbarian wielding this mighty 2H Mace. Get ready to bring the pain with Overkill!

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