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100,000 Steps is a pair of boots that can be used by Barbarians. When you gain the final damage bonus »

Rage of Harrogath is a powerful chest piece designed specifically for Barbarians. This item provides a unique bonus that can »

Gohr’s Devastating Grips is a powerful glove piece designed for Barbarians that provides a unique offensive bonus. When equipped, this »

The Battle Trance is a powerful amulet designed for Barbarians. By equipping it, the user can increase the maximum stacks »

The Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus is a formidable 1H sword that any Barbarian would be proud to wield. This weapon is »

The Doombringer is a deadly 1H sword for barbarians, with a unique ability to strike surrounding enemies with Shadow damage »

The Ancients’ Oath is a powerful 2H Axe designed for Barbarians. When using the Steel Grasp skill with this weapon, »

The Hellhammer is a devastating 2H Mace designed for Barbarians. Its unique affix causes the ground to ignite and burn »

Overkill is a powerful 2H Mace for Barbarians. Its unique affix, Death Blow, creates a shockwave that deals a percentage »

Fields of Crimson is a 2H sword that is exclusive to Barbarians. This weapon’s Affix provides unique features for the »