unique 100000 steps

Unique 100,000 Steps

100,000 Steps is a pair of boots that can be used by Barbarians. When you gain the final damage bonus from the Walking Arsenal Key Passive, the boots will automatically cast Ground Stomp and give you a boost of [random Affix_Value_1] Fury. However, this effect can only occur once every [Affix_Value_2] seconds. Type: Boots Class: […]

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sacred unique rage of harrogath item power 638

Unique Rage of Harrogath

Rage of Harrogath is a powerful chest piece designed specifically for Barbarians. This item provides a unique bonus that can give Barbarians a significant advantage in combat. When a Barbarian wearing the Rage of Harrogath inflicts bleeding on an elite enemy, they have a chance to trigger a lucky hit that reduces the cooldowns of […]

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unique gohrs devastating grips

Unique Gohr’s Devastating Grips

Gohr’s Devastating Grips is a powerful glove piece designed for Barbarians that provides a unique offensive bonus. When equipped, this item enhances the Barbarian’s Whirlwind ability by causing it to explode after it ends, dealing a percentage of the total base damage dealt to surrounding enemies as Fire damage. The exact percentage of the base […]

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unique ramaladnis magnum opus

Unique Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus

The Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus is a formidable 1H sword that any Barbarian would be proud to wield. This weapon is infused with an incredible power that allows the wielder’s skills to deal significantly increased damage based on the amount of Fury they have built up. However, this power comes at a cost, as the wielder […]

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unique doombringer

Unique Doombringer

The Doombringer is a deadly 1H sword for barbarians, with a unique ability to strike surrounding enemies with Shadow damage and reduce their damage output for a period of time. This effect triggers randomly with a chance of up to [random Affix_Value_1|%|]. Additionally, this sword has an Affix that flatly increases the Shadow damage dealt. […]

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unique ancients oath item power 806

Unique Ancients’ Oath

The Ancients’ Oath is a powerful 2H Axe designed for Barbarians. When using the Steel Grasp skill with this weapon, 2 additional chains are launched at enemies, allowing you to strike multiple targets at once. In addition, enemies hit by Steel Grasp will be Slowed by a percentage determined by a random Affix value, up […]

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unique hellhammer item power 805

Unique Hellhammer

The Hellhammer is a devastating 2H Mace designed for Barbarians. Its unique affix causes the ground to ignite and burn enemies for an additional amount of damage over a certain period of time when the Upheaval skill is used. The amount of additional damage dealt is randomized and determined by the affix value. Type: 2H […]

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d4 ancestral overkill

Unique Overkill

Overkill is a powerful 2H Mace for Barbarians. Its unique affix, Death Blow, creates a shockwave that deals a percentage of its base damage to enemies, adding even more devastation to each blow. Additionally, enemies who are killed by this effect will reset Death Blow’s cooldown, allowing for even more opportunities to unleash its powerful […]

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unique fields of crimson item power 740

Unique Fields of Crimson

Fields of Crimson is a 2H sword that is exclusive to Barbarians. This weapon’s Affix provides unique features for the Rupture skill. When using this weapon, damaging at least one enemy with Rupture creates a blood pool that inflicts a flat value of Bleeding damage over a certain number of seconds. Additionally, enemies standing in […]

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unique battle trance item power 795

Unique Battle Trance

The Battle Trance is a powerful amulet designed for Barbarians. By equipping it, the user can increase the maximum stacks of Frenzy by [Affix_Value_1], allowing them to reach new heights of attack speed and damage output. But that’s not all – when the Barbarian is at maximum Frenzy stacks, their other Skills gain [random Affix_Value_2|%+] […]

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