Helltides: Diablo 4’s Newest Endgame Activity


Diablo 4 has a new activity that players can participate in called Helltides. It is an endgame activity that allows players to target farm specific item slots to hunt for unique items. It becomes available once players gain access to Nightmare Torment.

Helltide Guide

The Helltides activity takes place in the world of Sanctuary, where the sky turns red and blood begins to fall from the sky. Monsters appear, and the events become more challenging. As players kill creatures within the Helltides area, they collect cinders, a new currency to collect while specifically within these spaces.

Every cache in the Helltides zone is tied to an item slot and has different costs. Players gather cinders by playing within the space and try to locate a cache that has the item type they’re looking for. The cache’s rarity determines the chance of getting the unique item that they’re searching for.

Cache List / Costs:

  • Tortured Gift of Weaponry (1H ) – 100 cinders
  • Tortured Gift (2H) – 125 cinders
  • Tortured Gift of Jewelry (Amulet) – 100 cinders
  • Tortured Gift of Jewelry (Rings) – 50 cinders
  • Tortured Gift of Protection (Boots, Chest, Helm, Gloves, Legs) – 50 cinders
  • Tortured Gift of Mysteries (Uber) – 150 cinders

One exciting aspect of the Helltides system is the extra set of stakes that the player faces. If the player dies, they lose about half of their cinders, and there is a time limit for the activity. Helltides is only active for about an hour during its active period, and different areas of Sanctuary are picked for the Helltides zone each time it rotates and moves around. Players must make good use of their power and spend their cinders before the time limit ends. You will lose any unspent cinders when the helltide recedes.

Scouting out different caches or chests is useful before jumping into a Helltides event. It helps players see which one has the slot that they’re looking for and how much they can afford to spend.

The caches or boxes within Helltides have loot in them, with each Helltides appearing in different locations. Players have to find them, but within the duration of that Helltides, they’re in fixed places.

Special Resources that are found in helltides include the following:

  • Fiend Rose (Rare) – This is a rare herb that is exceptionally difficult to locate. It can only be found during the Helltide, a time when the influence of Hell overpowers Sanctuary. Although its beauty is undeniable, the herb’s flavor is mostly toxic, yet it remains a peerless catalyst prized by alchemists.
  • Forgotten Soul (Legendary) – During the Helltide, this elusive substance is discovered and coveted for its ability to enhance both sacred and ancestral items. Despite its enigmatic nature, it is known to possess properties that are both stony and organic in character, defying easy classification.

Monsters / NPCs that are unique to helltides include the following:

  • Helltide Commanders – Vampire Boss, Skeleton Boss
  • Helltide Zealot – melee
  • Helltide Prophet – caster
  • Helltide Conjurer – summoner
  • Helltide Harbinger
  • The Butcher – Boss has a chance to randomly spawn
  • Doomsayer Pira – NPC quest giver?
  • Misc / Unknown – Tornado Crator, Firestorm Elite, Necropolis

This new endgame activity is a great opportunity for players to farm for unique items and have fun with the added pressure of the extra set of stakes.

2 thoughts on “Helltides: Diablo 4’s Newest Endgame Activity

  1. It’s great to see game developers adding new endgame content to keep players engaged and interested. The Helltides activity appears to offer a fresh and exciting challenge for Diablo 4 players by allowing them to target specific item slots and hunt for unique items while facing additional pressure with the time limit and risk of losing cinders upon death. The inclusion of special resources and unique monsters and NPCs in the Helltides zone also adds to the game’s overall depth and complexity. Overall, it seems like Helltides is a well-designed and entertaining endgame activity that will keep Diablo 4 players engaged and entertained.

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