Unique Greatstaff of the Crone

2H Staff Druid

The Greatstaff of the Crone is a powerful weapon wielded by the Druid class. This 2H staff has a unique Affix that transforms the Claw skill into a Storm Skill and causes it to cast Storm Strike at a certain percentage of its normal damage. With this Affix, the wielder can deal devastating damage to their enemies with lightning strikes that also have the added benefit of AoE damage. It’s the perfect weapon for any Druid who wants to become a master of the elements and dominate the battlefield.unique greatstaff of the crone

Type: 2H Staff
Class: Druid
Claw is now a Storm Skill and also casts Storm Strike at [number Affix_Value_1|%|] normal damage.

Dropped by / Can be found:
At the moment, the information regarding the drop location or acquisition method of this item is unavailable. If you happen to have any relevant information, kindly share it in the comment section below. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Unique Greatstaff of the Crone

  1. Get ready to electrify the battlefield with the Greatstaff of the Crone! As a Druid, you can now transform your Claw skill into a Storm Skill and deal massive damage with every strike. The added bonus of Storm Strike at a percentage of the normal damage means your enemies won’t know what hit them! This 2H staff is the perfect weapon for any Druid who wants to unleash the power of the elements and become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Don’t miss out on this electrifying opportunity!

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