unique staff of endless rage

Unique Staff of Endless Rage

The Staff of Endless Rage is a powerful weapon for Sorcerers. With its unique Affix, every third cast of Fireball will launch two additional projectiles, effectively increasing your damage output. This means that you’ll be able to deal even more damage to your enemies with this staff, making it an excellent choice for taking on […]

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unique staff of lam esen

Unique Staff of Lam Esen

The Staff of Lam Esen is a powerful 2H Staff that enhances the Sorcerer’s Charged Bolts. With this staff, Charged Bolts can now pierce through enemies, but deal [Affix_Value_1]% less damage. This tradeoff is worth it as the increased range and coverage of the bolts make it easier to hit multiple targets at once. With […]

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