Unique Blood Artisan’s Cuirass

Chest Necromancer

Blood Artisan’s Cuirass is a unique chest piece designed specifically for Necromancers that provides a powerful offensive bonus. When equipped, this item allows the Necromancer to spawn a free Bone Spirit whenever they pick up a certain number of Blood Orbs. The exact number of Blood Orbs required to spawn the Bone Spirit is determined by a randomly generated value based on the affix value provided in the item’s description.

The Bone Spirit spawned by Blood Artisan’s Cuirass deals bonus damage based on the Necromancer’s current Life percentage. This means that the more Life the Necromancer has when they pick up the Blood Orbs, the more damage the Bone Spirit will deal.

Overall, Blood Artisan’s Cuirass is a valuable item for Necromancers who want to enhance their offensive capabilities and deal significant damage to their enemies. With this item equipped, the Necromancer can strategically pick up Blood Orbs to spawn Bone Spirits and unleash devastating attacks on their enemies.

d4 ancestral blood artisan's cuirass
Diablo 4 Blood Artisan’s Cuirass Ancestral Unique Chest

Type: Chest
Class: Necromancer
When you pick up [random Affix_Value_1] Blood Orbs, a free Bone Spirit is spawned, dealing bonus damage based on your current Life percent.

Dropped by / Can be found:
At the moment, the information regarding the drop location or acquisition method of this item is unavailable. If you happen to have any relevant information, kindly share it in the comment section below. Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Unique Blood Artisan’s Cuirass

  1. BREAKING NEWS Necromancers rejoice! The Blood Artisan’s Cuirass is here and it’s spicing up the game with a killer combo of Blood Orbs and Bone Spirits. Get ready to unleash a bone-chilling attack on your enemies and take your offense to the next level! !

  2. Who needs a personal trainer when you have Blood Artisan’s Cuirass? With this unique chest piece, Necromancers can now turn Blood Orbs into Bone Spirits and give their enemies a workout they’ll never forget!

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