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The Deathless Visage is a powerful helm that is designed specifically for Necromancers. When wearing this helm, the Necromancer’s Bone »

The Ring of Mendeln is a powerful ring designed for the Necromancer class. It provides a beneficial effect when the »

The Deathspeaker’s Pendant is an amulet designed for the Necromancer class. Its signature ability, Blood Surge, casts a mini nova »

The Greaves of the Empty Tomb are a pair of boots designed for Necromancers. They allow you to create desecrated »

Blood Artisan’s Cuirass is a unique chest piece designed specifically for Necromancers that provides a powerful offensive bonus. When equipped, »

Howl from Below is a unique glove piece that is designed specifically for the Necromancer class. When equipped, this item »

The Black River is a fearsome 1H Scythe that is perfectly suited to the dark and deadly art of Necromancy. »

Bloodless Scream is a powerful 2H Scythe for Necromancers. Your Darkness Skills have a chance to Chill enemies for up »