Aspect of Disobedience

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As you progress through Diablo 4’s campaign, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock different aspects that enhance your character’s abilities. One such aspect is the Aspect of Disobedience, which provides a defensive boost by increasing your armor.

Aspect of Disobedience

The Aspect of Disobedience provides a stacking armor bonus when you deal any form of damage. Each instance of damage you deal grants a temporary 0.25% increase to your armor for 4 seconds, stacking up to 25.00%.

Class Usable By:
The Aspect of Disobedience is unique in that it can be used by any class, making it a versatile defensive option that can benefit any build.

The Aspect of Disobedience is a defensive aspect, offering increased survivability by increasing your armor.

To unlock the Aspect of Disobedience, you simply need to progress through the Diablo 4 campaign in Kehjistan.

The Aspect of Disobedience is available in the Kehjistan region.

The Aspect of Disobedience can be a valuable addition to any character’s toolkit. By granting a stacking armor bonus whenever you deal damage, you can increase your survivability and stay alive longer in battles. This aspect can be especially useful for characters who are more focused on dealing damage, as it can help to offset the added risk that comes with being in the thick of combat.

While the Aspect of Disobedience may not be the flashiest or most exciting aspect available in Diablo 4, its versatility and defensive capabilities make it a solid choice for any character looking to increase their survivability.

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