Aspect of Arrow Storms

Codex of Power Offensive Rogue Scosglen

Aspect of Arrow Storms in Diablo 4 is a Rogue aspect that enhances the Marksman skills by creating an arrow storm at the enemy’s location upon a lucky hit, dealing physical damage over three seconds. This aspect provides the player with up to five active arrow storms.

Aspect of Arrow Storms

To unlock the Aspect of Arrow Storms, the player must complete the Howling Warren dungeon in the Scosglen region. Once unlocked, the player can equip this aspect and use it to enhance their gameplay.

The lucky hit mechanic of this aspect means that there is up to a 10% chance of creating an arrow storm with every use of the Marksman skills. This makes the aspect particularly useful for taking out groups of enemies, as the arrow storm can damage multiple targets simultaneously.

The physical damage dealt by the arrow storm is further enhanced by the player’s attributes, such as dexterity and attack power. This means that the damage dealt by the arrow storm will increase as the player’s character grows stronger.

Overall, the Aspect of Arrow Storms is a valuable offensive aspect for Rogue players in Diablo 4, providing a powerful tool for dealing damage to multiple enemies at once.

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