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Horsing Around Quest – Age of Empires Online!

How to beat the quest horsing around video clip and quick tips by DaOpa!


Video not available anymore!

Quick Tips:
Age of Empires Online Quest Icon Black Select the Trojan Horse and place the way point in front of the gatehouse. Blow up the gatehouse with the troops already waiting. After that part is completed station Achilles in a safe spot and then setup multiple fortress and guard towers on the lower path of the Entrance. Build up, create siege and should be good to go for the win!

Quest Objectives:
Use the soldiers in the Trojan Horse to destroy the Gate House, then escort Achilles to the Troy Palace.

30,000 XP
150 Coin
30 Mycenae Points
2x Treasure Chest
Trojan Horse
15 Empire Points

Choose one of the following:
Tempered Bane of Achilles
Tempered Shield of Achilles

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