Quest: Badari Beat-Down

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Badari Beat-Down Quest – Age of Empires Online!

How to beat the quest badari beat-down video clip and quick tips by DaOpa!


Video not available anymore!

Quick Tips:
Age of Empires Online Quest Icon Black Build spearmen and follow the path North-east to find the chieftains.

Quest Objectives:
Defeat the Badari wtih the help of Advisor Nekhbet’s Desert Swordsmen, Axemen, Slingers and Triremes.

4,000 XP
50 Coin
Empire Store
2 Empire Points

Choose one of the following:
Freelancer’s Relentless Axe
Freelancer’s Relentless Sling
Freelancer’s Relentless Spear
Freelancer’s Relentless Scepter

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