Agna Desert Interactive Map


Welcome to our Agna Desert Interactive Map from The First Descendant! Agna Desert is a medium difficulty area that presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for players. To help you navigate this expansive zone, we’ve created an interactive map highlighting all key locations and features.

How to Use the Map

Our interactive map is easy to use:

  1. Zoom In and Out: Use the zoom controls to explore specific areas in detail or view the entire map at once.
  2. Click on Icons: Click on icons to get detailed information about each location.
  3. Search Function: Utilize the search bar to quickly find specific places or features.

We regularly update our map to reflect any changes or new additions to Agna Desert, ensuring you always have the most accurate and helpful information.

Tips for Navigating Agna Desert

  • Prepare for Balanced Challenges: Ensure your gear and abilities are suited for medium difficulty content.
  • Follow Routes: Use the suggested routes to efficiently move between key locations.
  • Utilize Strategic Points: Make the most of Camps, Void Fusions, and Vulgus Posts to enhance your effectiveness.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly check our map for the latest updates and information on Agna Desert.

Agna Desert is a medium difficulty area in The First Descendant, offering balanced challenges and valuable rewards. Our interactive map is your essential guide to mastering this area. Whether you’re tackling missions, exploring dungeons, or capturing strategic points, our map will help you succeed in Agna Desert. Gear up and continue your journey, Descendant, because the adventure in Agna Desert awaits!

4 thoughts on “Agna Desert Interactive Map

  1. There is another encrypted vault in Agna Desert. It is behind the big floating block in the sky. I have screen grabs to show the exact location. Just trying to help keep this amazing site updated. By the way great job!

  2. There’s another location for the one near the big tunnel in The Remnant section of Agna Desert. If you go to the building on the very right, it might be in the cave or will be on the 2nd floor ledge next to the hole going down.

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