Interactive Map by DaOpa


Welcome to our Ravendawn interactive map, meticulously crafted by DaOpa. Explore a comprehensive display of in-game markers, points of interest (POI), level ranges, crafting stations, and other valuable information. DaOpa continues to unveil additional markers as he embarks on a journey through character leveling. Utilize the map’s search function for specific searches, and don’t forget to click on the markers for pop-ups, some of which include links to brief video clips! This map serves as a fusion of a map and a wiki, offering insights into locating well-hidden secrets within the game.

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5 thoughts on “Interactive Map by DaOpa

  1. Garamond (Ravencrest Library) is in the map, but also gives Not-So-Magical Hat for 110 Saltdusk Fetishes and 5 Goblinhide Scrolls

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