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Fishing in Palia is not just a leisure activity; it’s an art that connects you with nature and offers a chance to uncover the hidden treasures beneath the surface. With its stunning landscapes and diverse aquatic ecosystem, Palia provides an ideal setting for avid anglers and beginners alike. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing escape or aiming to reel in rare and valuable catches, the Palia Fish Guide is your go-to resource for an unforgettable fishing adventure.

palia fishing guide

Navigating the Waters: Understanding the Spreadsheet

The Palia Fish Guide comes in the form of a comprehensive spreadsheet that provides vital information for every angler. Each entry is meticulously crafted to offer details about a specific fish species, including:

  • Location and Bait Type: Discover where each fish species can be found and the specific bait type required to lure them out. Whether you’re angling near a serene pond, a bustling river, or a tranquil ocean inlet, the guide has you covered.
  • Time of Day: Timing is crucial in the world of fishing. The guide outlines the best times to cast your line for each species, helping you optimize your fishing expeditions based on the time of day.
  • Value in Gold: Delve into the economic side of fishing by learning the value of each fish when sold in gold. This information can help you prioritize which catches to focus on, especially if you’re looking to turn your hobby into a profitable venture.
  • Value of Star-Graded Fish: Some fish are truly exceptional and possess a star grade. These prized catches are not only beautiful but also fetch a higher price when sold. The guide highlights the gold value of star-graded fish, giving you an incentive to aim for these rare treasures.
  • Fish Rarity: Gain insights into the rarity of each fish species. From common fish that grace your line frequently to elusive and rare catches that require patience and skill, the guide categorizes fish based on their rarity level.
Waterlogged BootAny2
Calico KoiAny2334Common
Cantankerous KoiAny5075Uncommon
Kilima CatfishWormAny3958Common
Orange BluegillWormAny3958Common
Mirror CarpWormAny75112Uncommon
Fairy CarpWormDay145217Rare
Scarlet KoiGlow WormAny85127Common
Mottled GobiGlow WormAny85127Common
Stalking CatfishGlow WormNight125187Uncommon
CloudfishGlow WormDay210315Rare
Giant GoldfishGlow WormAny410615Epic
Sushi RecipeSee Video
Kilima Rivers
Silver SalmonNight2131Common
Spotted BullheadAny2131Common
Striped DaceAny2131Common
Channel CatfishAny4770Uncommon
Rainbow TroutAny4770Uncommon
Red-Bellied PiranhaWormAny3552Common
Golden SalmonWormDaytime3552Uncommon
Freshwater EelWormNight70105Uncommon
Energized PiranhaWormAny135202Rare
Radiant SunfishWormAny135202Rare
Crucian CarpGlow WormAny80120Common
Platinum ChadGlow WormAny80120Common
Kilima GreylingGlow WormAny115172Uncommon
Indigo LampreyGlow WormDusk
Kenli's CarpGlow WormAny205307Rare
Flametongue RayGlow WormDawn
Kilima Lakes
Wagon WheelAny2Common
Largemouth BassWormAny3349Common
Painted PerchWormAny3349Common
Smallmouth BassWormAny3349Common
Prism TroutWormDaytime6090Uncommon
Striped SturgeonWormNight6090Uncommon
Alligator GarGlow WormAny80120Common
Beluga SturgeonGlow WormAny80120Common
Enchanted PupfishGlow WormAny115172Uncommon
Midnight PaddlefishGlow WormNight185277Rare
Giant Kilima StingrayGlow WormDawn
Ancient FishGlow Worm - See VideoAny
Bahari Bay River
Wagon WheelCommon
Rosy BitterlingAny2131Common
Silvery MinnowAny2131Common
Yellow PerchAny2131Common
Kilima RedfinWormAny3552Common
Oily AnchovyWormAny3552Common
Cutthroat TroutWormAny70105Uncommon
Thundering EelWormAny135202Rare
Willow LampreyWormNight135202Rare
Bahari PikeGlow WormAny80120Common
Fathead MinnowGlow WormAny80120Common
ChubGlow WormAny115172Uncommon
Honey LoachGlow WormAny115172Uncommon
StormrayGlow WormDawn
Swordfin EelGlow WormAny375562Epic
Sashimi RecipeSee Video
Bahari Bay Coast
Ship FragmentsAny2
Bahari BassAny2334Common
Bahari BreamWormAny3958Common
Bluefin TunaWormAny3958Common
Ribbontail RayWormDawn
Blue MarlinWormAny145217Rare
Black Sea BassGlow WormAny85127Common
Yellowfin TunaGlow WormAny85127Common
Cactus MorayGlow WormDay
Blue Spotted RayGlow WormDawn
Long Nosed Unicorn FishGlow WormDaytime410615Epic
Fish Stew RecipeSee Video
Bahari Bay Caves
Waterlogged BootAny2
Eyeless MinnowAny2030Common
Umbran CarpAny4770Uncommon
Albino EelWormAny3552Common
Bat RayWormAny75112Uncommon
Mutated AnglerWormAny145217Rare
BlobfishGlow WormAny75112Common
StonefishGlow WormAny80120Common
Crimson FangtoothGlow WormAny115172Uncommon
Hypnotic MorayGlow WormAny205307Rare
Void RayGlow WormAny375562Epic

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Unlocking Palia’s Aquatic Diversity

Palia’s waters are teeming with a wide array of fish species, each with its own unique characteristics and behaviors. Whether you’re a solo angler seeking solitude or a social butterfly looking to make new friends, the Palia Fish Guide can help you tailor your fishing experience to suit your preferences.

Cast your line into the tranquil ponds of Palia’s forests and witness the dance of sunfish and perch as they nibble at your bait. If the open sea beckons, head to the coastal cliffs and try your luck at reeling in the mighty swordfish or the elegant sailfish, both of which are highly sought after for their flavor and rarity.

For those who appreciate the rhythm of flowing water, the meandering rivers of Palia offer a chance to encounter the elusive rainbow trout, known for its vibrant hues and spirited fight. The bustling markets of Palia eagerly await your catches, ready to offer generous rewards for your hard-earned aquatic treasures.

Embrace the Adventure

As you embark on your fishing journey in Palia, armed with the invaluable Palia Fish Guide, remember that fishing is more than just catching fish – it’s about the experiences and stories you collect along the way. Each cast of your line holds the potential for discovery, whether it’s a majestic star-graded fish gleaming in the sunlight or a simple catch that brings a smile to your face.

So, gather your gear, consult the Palia Fish Guide, and venture into the serene waters of this enchanting world. Unleash your inner angler, connect with nature, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy fishing!

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