Decor Delights: Unveiling Waterlogged Chest Prizes in Palia


Embark on a journey of discovery as we unveil the treasures hidden within Waterlogged Chests in Palia’s captivating realm! Our extensive 11-minute and 10-second video guide showcases the results of opening 50 Waterlogged Chests, providing a visual feast of placeable decor pieces and their appearances in Palia.

🏺 Chest Contents Revealed: Discover the variety of decor items obtainable from Waterlogged Chests as we open 50 of them, showcasing each placeable piece and its appearance in Palia.
📅 Uploaded: August 20, 2023
⏱️ Duration: 11m 10s

🎬 Watch Now:

🏞️ Decor Wonderland: Follow the guide, witness the vast array of decor items, and envision how each piece can enhance the aesthetic of Palia’s world.

Ready to explore the possibilities of decor? Click, watch, and immerse yourself in the decor delights revealed by opening 50 Waterlogged Chests in Palia!

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