Submachine Gun


Lists all the various submachine guns currently available in the Outriders game.

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This page will be updated with new information as more is discovered while playing the game. Make sure to bookmark and share this page with your friends on social media and discord.

Rusty Nomad-2Common
Rusty ECA-B SMGCommon
Rusty Corr-13Common
Rusty Markson CCommon
Rusty Tufu SCommon
ECA-B SMGUnusual
Markson CUnusual
Tufu SUnusual
Commando Corr-13/aRare/Epic
Zebra Corr-13/aRare/Epic
Markson C "Setting Sun"Rare/Epic
Markson C "Lamia"Rare/Epic
Corr-13 "Fatal Morgana"Rare/Epic
Eventide ECA-B SMGRare/Epic
Nomad-2 "Sunscorched"Rare/Epic
Nomad-2c "Space Revenant"Rare/Epic
Upgraded ECA-B SMGRare/Epic
Camo Nomad-2Rare/Epic
Everglade Markson C2Rare/Epic
Mahogany ECA-B SMG-2Rare/Epic
Corr-13/a "Red Widow"Rare/Epic
Markson C2 "Rising Tide"Rare/Epic
Nomad-2 "Nocturnal Cry"Rare/Epic
Terrestrial ECA-B SMG-2Rare/Epic
Nomad-2 "Emperor's Will"Rare/Epic
Markson C "Blue Blood"Rare/Epic
Distortion Corr-13/aRare/Epic
Custom Corr-13/aRare/Epic
The MigraineLegendary
The DaimyoLegendary
The WickerLegendary
Fatal SymbiontLegendary
Earthborn Renegade's SMGHell's Rangers

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