Distortion ECA-B DG/2

Double Gun

Distortion ECA-B DG/2 is a rare/epic double gun that can be found from enemy loot drops, some chests and vendors. distortion eca-b dg/2

  • Armor Pierce [x]%

Weapon Mods

Critical Point – Tier I

  • Increases the chance of scoring a critical shot by 15%.

Stats – note all the values listed here will change depending on item level.

  • 60 Clip Size
  • 750 RPM
  • NA DMG
  • 2.7ss Reload
  • 125% Crit mult.
  • Accuracy 76%
  • Stability 79%
  • Range 50m

distortion-eca-b-dg-2-stats level 9

Additional information and screenshots will be posted here, fill free to comment if you have any intel on this item, its drop location or any other helpful tips.

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