Darkness Charmer

Legendary Shotgun Shotguns

Darkness Charmer is a legendary pump action shotgun that can be found from enemy loot drops and chests. darkness charmer legendary

Note many of the values, mods and stats listed here can change depending on item level, rng and crafting upgrade choices.

  • Crit Damage [x]%
  • Skills Life Leech [y]%
  • Healing Received [z]%

Weapon Mods

Grand Openings – Tier III

  • Landing a hit with the first bullet in a magazine creates a powerful explosion, dealing [X] damage in a [Y] meter radius.

Perpetuum Mobile – Tier II

  • You instantly replenish your magazine if you kill an enemy with [X]% or less ammo remaining in your magazine. Cooldown of [Y] seconds.


  • 6 Clip Size
  • 68 RPM
  • N/A DMG
  • 2.1s Reload
  • 125% Crit mult.
  • Accuracy 78%
  • Stability 21%
  • Range 15m

Additional information and screenshots will be posted here, fill free to comment if you have any intel on this item, its drop location or any other helpful tips.

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